Mercygates has a large range of German and Scandinavian machines. Our core capacity is within outdoor products like Gates, fences and garden furniture.

Mainly high end as quality is a must for us.

We can dry, process and dye.

We do most sizes from tiny bird houses to large garden houses

Main wood species are Spruce, Pine and Oak.

We have customers in 9 different countries and ship a truck every week. We can handle small series and ensure efficient logistics.

Our office speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, German,  and Scandinavian.

Have a look at "PRODUCTS"  to see what kind of products we produce.


* We make a difference

* We have dedicated staff

* We run a transparant organisation

* We only produce quality

* We deliver on time

* We are flexible

* We carry huge stock of rawmaterials

* We are FSC accredited

First shift ready to work with excellence !

Julia is transport co-ordinator,

she is often on wheels and seldom in our HQ.

Management team from Mercygates.

Front left: Oleksandra, Maria, Sergiy, Tanya.

Back left: Ivan, Sasha, Yuriy and Poul